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  • Tidal Turbine Power from Maricuda

    Posted Jun 6th, 2012 in General News With | 26 Comments Maricuda moon and tide image

    Marine engineering and innovation company ‘Maricuda Special Projects’ have this week designated its design of the massive 87MW tidal energy turbine as suitable for adoption by the Marubeni Corporation consortium.

    After the terrible tsunami in 2011 which left Japan with virtually no power, Marubeni Corporation formed a consortium comprising Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Nippon Steel Corp and Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Company to investigate generating power from floating windfarms in the open sea off the coast of Japan.

    Trading house Marubeni Corporation plans to build a large floating experimental wind farm off the coast of Fukushima prefecture which will generate around 12,000 kilowatts of power, which is enough to supply power to more than 100,000 households. It has been reported that the project is funded by Japan’s industry ministry with financing from a supplementary budget for reconstruction and is hoped to be in operation by as soon as 2016.

    Talking to a mixed audience of representatives from the renewable energy industry last week in Southampton, Maricuda Managing Director David Aitken said,

    “The Maricuda design is an immensely powerful machine which is capable of producing in excess of 80MW under average conditions, and this is exactly what the industry needs. Nuclear power plants can be 1100MW and in order to replace them we must be engineering large scale solutions for large scale results”.

    When asked by one representative “Exactly how big is big?”

    David replied “An offshore oil platform is the size it is in order to resist the forces of wind and tide and still do the job that it is needed to do. Tidal energy is no different; we have to identify what the forces are and design accordingly. As long as we have got a moon we will have tidal energy, we just have to tap into it”.

    Maricuda later exhibited its design for the tidal turbine at Seaworks International Marine Trades Exhibition in Southampton where delegates from around the world were invited to examine the Maricuda turbine and the 6,000 capacity tsunami escape structure, also designated for use in Japan, and many other designs by the company.


    David Aitken MSc

    Managing Director of Maricuda Ltd

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Comments (26)

Richard » 15. Mar, 2013

What methods of cooling are used in the Tidal Turbine Machines, is it naturally cooled by the surrounding water or is there an auxiliary system at work?

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