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  • Maricuda Atlantic Challenger - an Artist's Impression

    The Maricuda Atlantic Challenger – Artist’s Impression

    The proposed and unique Atlantic Challenger will be capable of passenger or load-carrying at high speed over long distances without re-fuelling. This vessel is being specifically designed for post-Hales Trophy life and its capability will attract commercial interest from international fast-ferry operators, the military and private operators.

    The craft is to be an 80 metre twin gas turbine driven trimaran that will ensure safe, exceedingly fast travel for cargo or passengers, in all-weather conditions across oceans without re-fuelling. 3000 miles in under 2 days.

    Devonport Yachts situated in the famous Pendennis yards of Falmouth Harbour will work in conjunction with Maricuda to bring this project to a successful engineering conclusion. Under the guidance of Stephen Hills, MD, it is anticipated that Devonport Yachts will manage the construction and development of the MAC craft, through all stages of the build process.

    Gas Turbines for the Maricuda Atlantic Challenge will be provided by General Electric

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