• Attempts to win the coveted Hales Trophy, the Blue Riband of the marine world, have been numerous and the record is currently held by a commercial fast-ferry catamaran with an average speed achieved of 41.28knots. The event is a test of endurance and reliability.

    Maricuda excel in both innovative marine technology and bringing designs to reality. With safety as the key to successful acceptance of new technologies, Maricuda are introducing new technologies and developing many enhancements to known engineering practices. The result will be the Atlantic Challenger, the proof that innovative thinking has the power to revolutionise ocean travel.

    Maricuda’s goal is to produce a craft that will sustain 70 knots over long distances, will ensure the safety of its crew and passengers and will exhibit remarkable new designs.

    Gas Turbines for the Maricuda Atlantic Challenge will be provided by General Electric

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