The Challenge

  • An 80 metre wave-piercing trimaran is to be constructed in the UK, that has automated fast-response hydraulic systems and dynamic attitude-sensing controls. Powered by two gas turbines this exciting all-weather craft will carry a fuel load sufficient to complete the 3000mile trans-Atlantic crossing in under two days. The Maricuda Atlantic Challenger hull design has been dubbed, ‘The Concorde of the Seas’…

    The History

    In 2004, Maricuda Managing Director, David Aitken produced the concept design for the 170ft twin gas turbine powered trimaran in a bid to compete for the prestigious Blue Riband.
    The craft was designed to complete the journey from the Ambrose Light to Bishops Rock in under two and a half days and was also set to win the Hales Trophy by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the fastest time. The record stands at 2 days and 20 hours. The 2004 attempt was abandoned due to
    the unexpected loss of a major institutional backer.

    The Videos

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