Statement by Maricuda Group CEO

For the past few years, Maricuda Limited has been engaged on a multi-phased business development programme in order to progress from a small manufacturing company to an innovative engineering design company with global market potential.

The Atlantic Challenge attempt, which was originally conceived to showcase new fast-craft technology, is no longer an active project due to lack of sponsorship. However, the fast craft technology is still valid and is currently being offered to foreign navies wishing to engage with our ‘super-corvette’ programme.

In addition, we now have over 120 unique designs on file with varying degrees of innovation and at different stages of development. The more designs we have the greater is the value of our intangible assets and having such a large number of high value designs gives us security while significantly reducing commercial risk to investment.

A small number of our most valuable capital engineering projects are now very close to adoption, and for this reason I am re-structuring Maricuda in order to deliver these projects to market.

Maricuda has produced the technology but large scale civil engineering projects such as renewable energy and marine power conservation require resources and a financial structure well beyond what Maricuda can offer. For this reason these projects will be delivered using the professional services of an international engineering company acting as an engineering procurement and construction contractor (EPC).

This ‘hand-off’ mechanism enables Maricuda to deliver capital turnkey projects with a multi-million pound price tag.


David Aitken MSc (Brunel) CEng. FRINA MICE
Managing Director/CEO
Maricuda Group