• The creation of any leading-edge, high-technology product requires considerable investment, both financially and in time.

    Maricuda believe that this project deserves significant support and world-wide attention because quite simply it has the power to change the perception and nature of maritime travel. This craft will ensure safe, exceedingly fast travel for cargo or passengers, in all-weather conditions across oceans without re-fuelling. 3000 miles in under 2 days.

    Maricuda seek support from principal and secondary sponsors, high-technology companies that wish to use this opportunity as a test bed for their equipment, potential end-users, investors in future technologies and private investors.

    World-wide merchandising, international broadcasting and film rights, the licensing rights for the three patentable design concepts and the sale of the trophy-winning craft are the commercial returns available to interested parties. To discuss this proposition further please contact Maricuda.

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