A small group of mainly capital projects, all designed and engineered to solve some of the tougher challenges and all with ‘new technology’ at their core.

    Ship Security Project

    A number of designs produced to deter unwelcome visitors in the absence of armed guards. Some modification to the existing ship structure is required. Companies are currently being sought who may wish to provide the retro-fit service to install the Maricuda security features and form a business partnership.

    Ocean-Going Cargo Ship Power Reduction

    Maricuda is seeking a joint venture or partnership with a large shipbuilder in order to deliver two ship energy/fuel saving designs that offer 15% and 26% respectively. Both designs are mathematically proven and patentable.

    The Deep Mine Escape System

    A system which would have got the Chilean miners out within an hour. This system has two patentable features and is one of Maricudas most solid ‘new products’.

    Tsunami Escape Structures

    Recently presented to government departments and engineering consultancies in Japan, this special purpose structure has been designed to save thousands of lives by combating the terrible forces exerted by a tsunami.

    Deep Sea Oil Pipe Free Flow Preventer

    Previously offered to BP during the Mexican Oil Disaster but unbelievably rejected without explanation. This device is capable of preventing the type of free-flowing oil leak which is typically associated with a ruptured feeder pipe offshore.

    Tidal Energy Generator

    A totally new design which is several times more efficient than its nearest rivals in terms of power generated per unit area of seabed. Maricuda are currently looking for backing to produce these units and place them in the world’s oceans where required.


    A growing number of products manufactured for or by Maricuda

    Small Boat Anchor with Handling System

    Maricuda have produced a design which will change the way that the small boat user thinks about anchors. This is not just an anchor it is a complete handling system. See it at Seawork 2012 on the Maricuda Stand.

    ‘TRITON’ – Folding RHIB Anchor

    Designed specifically for RHIBs and the need to avoid a sharp object rolling around in the boat, the ‘Triton’ folds and can be bounced off an inflated gunwale without causing damage.

    ‘STOWAWAY’ Variable Geometry Anchor

    Now improved in response to customer comments. This is the ideal kedge or second anchor having flat stowing ability or can be retained vertically in a deck boot if required for instant use.

    ‘AQUARION’ – Heavy Duty Manual Bilge Pump

    Designed mainly for the commercial boat user, this pump does not rely on a rubber diaphragm for use. This pump is double-acting and ultra-reliable so when all systems are down and the boat is taking water, this is the pump that can save the day.

    (See also ‘AQUANAUT’ and ‘AQUATRON’ smaller pump versions with the same operating features, coming soon)


    There are in excess of twenty products in this group designed mainly for the marine market, many are in the process of being patented and many are still undergoing testing, all with one thing in common, they are all totally new designs produced by Maricuda.


    Currently under development, this is a totally new craft which is aimed specifically at the youth watersports market. It will be a fast, exhilarating ride requiring a high degree of nerve and skill to operate. This new concept craft will be exciting beyond belief and will be exactly what the extreme sports enthusiast has been waiting for. Please state your interest in this project to be first with information and a discounted price.

    Tread Boat

    Another brand new design which is currently being prototyped prior to launch later in 2012.

    Viper Vee-Wing

    A new sailing concept providing unique handling to dinghy sailors. Available Q4 2012

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